How Does Acupuncure Work ?

Qi (energy) travels along specific pathways that cover the body called meridian-collateral. Each pathway is associated with a particular physiological system and internal organ. Acupuncture allows Qi to flow to areas where it is deficient and away from where it is in excess. If Qi is blocked or obstructed in its flow, pain will occur.


Acupuncture regulates and restores the harmonious energetic balance of the body; therefore pain or illness will be resolved. Acupuncture points are places along the meridians near the body's surface where qi can be manipulated by the insertion of acupuncture needles.      


There are hundreds of acupuncture points and each point has a predictable therapeutic effect. Problems can be addressed by needling points close to and distant from the problem being treated, because the meridians run throughout the body. For example, a headache may be treated by placing needles in the head, hands and feet.

The Manipulation and Arrival of Qi

Needle manipulation refers to various manipulations of the acupuncture needle to assist the sensation of the arrival of Qi. The arrival of Qi refers to the reaction of meridian Qi that is produced after the needle is inserted.


When this reaction of meridian Qi is produced, the practitioner will feel tenseness and/or a dragging sensation around the needle; the patient will feel soreness, numbness, distention or heaviness around the point, or a sensation traveling up and down the meridian.


The needles are retained for 20-45 minutes and people often become deeply relaxed and sometimes even fall asleep. After needle removal, you may feel energized, sleepy or lighter. You may notice immediate improvement of your symptom.

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