Key Properties of TCM Herbal Formula for IBD:

  • 97 % effectiveness in over thousand patients
  • 100 % Nature products used for thousands years
  • Ccombined external-internal therapies for both overall regulation and local managment
  • Powerful multi-targeted therapy demonstrated by modern science
  • No side effects compared with chemical drugs
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

How does a TCM Herbal Formula work for IBD?

Using herbal formula is a very powerful way to control symptoms, support health and promote healing at the same time - without risking side effects—for a highly effective therapeutic outcome through multiple therapeutic actions:

  • Repair damaged intestine
  • Stop inflammation
  • Clean intestine / Kill infection
  • Strengthen intestine muscle
  • Improve healing and maintaining remission
  • Increase blood circulation flow
  • Boost immunosystem
  • Restore disrupted biological system
  • Achieve whole body balance  

What is the mechanism of action of TCM Herbal Formula?

TCM Herbal Formula acts on multiple cellular targets in the inflammatory signal transduction pathways resulting in suppressed inflammation cytokine expression including TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-6. Scientific researches have demonstrated that TCM Herbal Formula inhibit TNF-α and IL-1β production in cell-based assays and is able to inhibit NF-кB activation. NF-кB is a family of transcriptional factors that regulate a wide spectrum of genes critically involved in host defense and inflammation. The mechanism of action of TCM Herbal Formula was further supported in laboratory IBD animal models. Treatment of IBD rats with TCM Herbal Formula caused a significant drop in plasma cytokine concentrations, including TNF-α and IL-1β.

What is in TCM Herbal Formula?

TCM Herbal formula for IBD contains seven herbal ingredients. These natural remedies are combined specifically and have been researched and tested to relieve symptoms of ulcerative colitis, eliminate mucosal ulceration, ameliorate the colonic inflammation through decreasing leukocyte infiltration, cytokine levels (TNF-a and IL-6).

Is TCM Herbal Formula Safe?

Yes, TCM Herbal formula for IBD is 100% herbs, so it has no side effects. It has been used for over ten years and there have been no complaints about unwanted side effects. herbs are made from GMP certified pharmaceutical grade herbs.

How much time until I see results?

While some people see immediate results, TCM Herbal formula is most effective with 2-4 section treatments, 1 month is 1 section. People typically see results after 1-2 week. You are encouraged to try the product for at least 4 weeks before determining if it’s right for you!


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