Types of Acupuncture

  • Scalp acupuncture — a therapy with which specific areas on the scalp are punctures to prevent or treat diseases.
  • Electric acupuncture — a therapy that transmits a small amount of electric current similar to human bioelectricity to the needle after the insertion and arrival of Qi.
  • Ear acupuncture therapy — it treats and prevents diseases by stimulating certain points on the auricle with needles or other methods.

The ears are closely related to physiological and pathological changes of the meridians and collaterals and the organs. So the points distributed on the ears can be used as stimulation site to treat diseases of the body. The positive reactions on the ears can also be used as reference for diagnosis of diseases.

  • The cutaneous needle — also known as the “plum-blossom” or “seven-star” needle. It is made of 5 to 7 stainless steel needles arranged in a pattern like a seedpod of a lotus, and fixed on one of a plastic handle. The cutaneous needle is used to stimulate the skin, and promote the function of the meridians and organs, so as to prevent and treat diseases.
  • The three-edged needle — a needle with a thick and around handle, triangular body, and sharp tip used for bricking a point cause bleeding.

Combination of Various Methodology

  • Moxibustion—the burning of mugwort leaves, held a few inches from the body to bring warmth to the body.
  • Cupping—glass cups that create a suction on the skin.
  • Electroacupunture—a mild electrical stimulation of acupuncture points that reduces pain and speeds recovery from injuries.
  • Massage—Tuina or Chinese massage, shiatsu and acupressure.

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